Tuesday, 26 November 2013

“Attention All Forgers ! I’m Available .”

Lately,  I’ve been getting quite a few enquiries about how I choose a topic for my monthly “Letter From New York” Radio talk on Siren FM.

To cut to the chase, it’s almost always something I’d like to have a conversation about with someone who’s a lot smarter & a lot more knowledgeable than me.

For example, this upcoming talk is called “Attention All Forgers ! I’m Available .”  It springs from a recent meeting with a well-known young artist who informed me that I won’t have arrived as a serious artist to be reckoned with until I’ve attracted my first forger.  Now how can you not want to talk about that over a very dry martini or a steaming cuppa!?

The talk, this Wed. 27th Nov, at approx 6.05 pm UK time covers some interesting history of art frauds, including a 600 yr-old scam that you simply shouldn’t miss.

I hope you’ll join the growing audience for the show hosted by that MC with a smooth gift for snappy patter, Alex Lewzcuk.

Cheers, & as always, please be kind to the animals.  Also, please check in to my FB & Twitter for animal news.  Your help & support is much needed.

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