Monday, 26 August 2013

My broadcast Aug.


For those of you who like solving puzzles, try this one:  What do President Franklin Roosevelt, Prime Minister Winston Churchill,  “Big Brother” & “The Sopranos” have in common?

Stumped?  Then, you owe it to yourself & your loved ones to tune in this Wed. 28th August to “My Letter from NY” broadcast live on  at about 5.45 pm UK time .  If you can’t hear it live you can download it a few days later on

And thanks to all who responded to my announcement that I’ll put one of my paintings on to my blog page.  Promise you it’ll be up any day now!

Cheers ! And please be kind to others & the animals.


Sunday, 18 August 2013

For love of art.


Not long ago I mentioned on one of my Siren FM “Letter from NY” radio broadcasts that I paint - a vital part of my daily routine & a source of great enjoyment.
 Since then, quite a few of my fans have shown an interest in seeing my work & asking if painting is something I’ve done over the years or a recent addition to my life here in the Hudson Valley.

Briefly, I’ve always dabbled in some form of art since childhood.  First starting with watercolours , & pencil drawings, then moving onto pastels & acrylics, which I stayed with for many years.

 I was self-taught, but a rendering talent seems to run in my family in various guises – from a wonderfully talented great uncle who was a wood-carver to an aunt & cousin who are excellent painters.

For the longest time I was terrified of trying my hand at oils.  But a friend, herself a selling artist, geed-up my courage to finally tackle the art & science of brushing coloured oil on canvas.  I’ve never looked back since.

Over these last few years & a gradual evolution of subjects & styles, I’ve gained a fair amount of confidence in my ability to render well enough so that a small number of my paintings have been bought by friends & collectors.  I don’t mind telling you that my first sale was equal to, or even a little more than the headiest curtain call I ever received.

So, in response to the requests I’ve received to show some of my work online, I’ll be putting up one of my earlier works to test the water.   It’s a copy of a Matisse I’ve always loved & it hangs in our living room, at my husband’s insistence, in a pride of place.

I’ll be posting the painting on this page  shortly & I’d really appreciate hearing your comments, pro & (gulp!) con.

Till then, health, happiness & please be kind to the animals.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

A Second Act

I’ve just received a letter that has touched me deeply & I’d like to share it with you.

It’s from a man who’s spent the last ten of his 29 years behind bars in a New Mexico prison.  After a troubled childhood & stints in juvenile detention, he was convicted of armed robbery & sentenced to fifteen years.

About two years ago, as a reward for good behavior, he was granted access to the Internet where he discovered “The  Saint” series & me.

He writes, modesty aside, that I became his “pinup”, a role-model for the woman he might one day meet & have a loving & lasting relationship with – something that he’s never had in his life.

Recently, he’s joined a creative writing programme at the prison, in the hope of becoming a professional TV writer, a goal he attributes to “The Saint” series & his respect for my work & what he has come to realize is the result of hard work & self-respect, something he’s lacked until now.

He ends the letter with a request for a signed photo of Sir Roger & me with the following dedication:  “There’s always a second act!”

I know I’ve said it before but it’s a constant source of wonder & gratification that the work Sir Roger, I & many others did those years ago still matters to fans the world over, & can even motivate a change in one’s future.  There is indeed, a second act in everyone’s life, & I’m happy that this man seems to have found his.  I wish him every success..

The orders for co-signed photos from our episodes in “The Saint” continue to grow.  And most amazing of all are the numbers of young people who’ve  discovered the series via the Internet.

All I can say is, “I’m blown away!”

Be happy in your life & work.