Sunday, 1 September 2013

After Matisse

As I’ve mentioned, I’m a dedicated part-time painter.  From childhood I’ve loved art, first as an avid museum –goer to a progression from pencil sketching, water colours, & now painting in oils.

Although I’m largely self-taught, in the past few years I’ve taken some lessons from a handful of artists I’ve admired, each for different reasons.  All recommended that I copy a couple of paintings by one or two of my favourite artists, the object being to deepen my understanding of their techniques & choice of subject matter.

I’m posting here the first of my copies, a Matisse that I painted about five years ago.  For this I used acrylics on canvas (37"x37")

I’m really interested in your comments, as I’m a firm believer in the concept that no art, from painting to writing, music to acting exists in a vacuum, that all art is meant to be a shared experience.

So, please I look forward to some honest feedback either here or on my facebook page.

Subsequently,  in a short while I would like to post a couple of my original works.

So, in anticipation of hearing from you, all my best wishes, & please be kind to the animals.


  1. I love this painting - you've replicated the colours well. I love the balance of the red and blue on each side and then the piercing yellow. The only comment I had was the direction of the bowl/plate looks to be sloping downwards rather than to the side, if that makes sense. x

  2. Hi Annette am know expert when it comes to art work but that to me looks like very well structerd and very thought provoking piece of art work love it .. Thanks for sharing all the best your Twitter Friend Carl.Antony S xx