Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Beating the Odds Again

We live on a mountain top in the Hudson Valley in upstate NY. Forests, wildlife, gorgeous views, beauty all around. Sounds ideal? Of course,'re in the middle of a storm system like 'Sandy' or last year's 'Irene'. I must say both of which we survived without damage to ourselves or the house. But each time the inevitable loss of power, water & phones. Last year we were without all this for over a week & now it's been 3 days & still waiting. It's a rural area so we can't just drive into the town for dinner or to see a movie as they have no power either . Long black nights changing batteries in the lamps, no water for hot showers or just run the tap to fill the kettle, not to mention the inoperable loos !! Or the dead phones.

Once past these complaints you suddenly realize that you haven't a worry compared to the millions of people here on the East Coast of America & into the mid-West who have suffered flooding, fires & loss of life in these violent & unprecedented storms. If there is any good to be made of these natural disasters it's an awareness of what fragile creatures we are, living on a planet that is hurtling through space, and quite alone until proved otherwise.

But we are a resilient species, and time after time we overcome & bound back hopefully wiser & stronger than before. I see this around me here in this rural area constantly.

Not an hour before writing this we saw hope driving up our road bringing light & power & a new transmission pole on the back of a huge utility truck. As we passed we cheered & the driver acknowledged with a big laugh. Hope springs eternal !

Cheers, Annette

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

My Wake-up Call

Just when you think you know what you're talking about, on top of your game, along comes something to shake you back to reality.

My wake-up call came in the shape of Ed Wellman, a student at Lincolnshire University.   Last week, at the end of my monthly radio broadcast on Alex Lewczuk's “Midweek Drive” on Southside Broadcasting,
this one on the desperate plight of Africa's elephants being poached to the brink of extinction to feed China's obsession for ivory – Alex asked if any of the show's studio guests had a question for me.

Not a question”, Ed Wellman said, “but rather a confession.” He went on to say that he'd recently learned that almost half the people didn't know that elephants had to be killed for their tusks. They thought that the animals were trapped, the tusks cut off & the elephant released unharmed.
I have to confess”, he said,” that I was one of them.”

It shocked me because it had never dawned on me that everyone wasn't aware of the bloody slaughter of elephants for the Chinese use of ivory as a status symbol for wealth & power.

So much for taking things for granted.

I wonder how many of you were unaware of how ivory is collected? Please let me hear from you on this point. Because I'm passionate about saving this wondrous creature from vanishing, I need to know all I can learn about communicating their desperate situation to a wide audience.

If you didn't hear my talk on Oct 3rd you can download it on

Please become involved & together we can work to stop this senseless massacre. You can learn more about this also at:

Thank you all. Please check in to this page for updates. I'm not the most consistent, but I get there & hopefully more often.

Cheers, Annette