Friday, 9 November 2012

It was wonderful seeing my old friend, Sir Roger Moore, yesterday on the “Today” show, a popular morning TV talk show here promoting his new book “Bond On Bond”. Although he & the host joked about Roger's creaky knees & assorted ailments, he looked handsome as ever & thankfully indestructible.

It's the Bond series of films 50th anniversary. Sir Roger starred in seven of them, & brought his wit & polish to the roles, just as he did when I guest-starred with him in “The Saint” TV series back in the 60's – days filled with hard work made a 'piece of cake' because of Rogers' seemingly endless store of funny stories and a shared love of practical jokes.

I've just received my copy of the book & I can assure you of a page-turning read filled with the kind of inside, behind the scenes information only Roger could deliver. Do yourself a real favour & pick up a copy – and maybe one or two more as xmas gifts.

I also want to thank him for his kindness in writing the introduction to my memoirs. Oh yes, I'm still hard at work on the book & have quite a way to go. This is no easy task I've set myself !!

All the best to everyone,