Saturday, 29 September 2012

Hello everyone, it's been awhile but I'm 'blogging' again.

Where has the year gone?!! It seems like a week ago I finished packing up the xmas lights & decorations & was trying on my spring clothes.

I've been working feverishly on my memoirs & making what seems like reasonable progress (although I've seen paint dry faster!)

I want to make an especially heartfelt request that you tune-in or download my radio talk this coming Wed. 3rd October, at about 5.20pm UK time on:

My topic is the increasing slaughter of thousands upon thousands of African elephants to feed China's ever-growing lust for carved ivory trinkets & dinner table centrepieces .

Once a tribal way for Africans to supplement their diet & for the occasional sale of tusks to a trader, poaching is now run by criminal gangs with international ties. Ivory has become the new blood diamonds more valuable than gold.

I'll be talking about how you, as an individual, can help to stop this senseless massacre.

Also appearing on the show is Will Travers, head of the Born Free Foundation (my favourite animal welfare charity, hands down!) He'll talk about the BFF's campaign to halt the ivory trade and how all of us can help to make a cultural change to save our planets' largest living creature.

Please, as a very real personal favour to me, tune in & become involved.

All best wishes,