Saturday, 15 December 2012

Having troubled sleep this week?   Demon dreams unrelieved by violent tossing & turning?  The bed sheets damp with night sweats?
Not to worry now that the end of the world is at hand.  Come December 21st. your troubles are over – along with every creature on the planet………at least according to the Mayan calendar whose daily marking of the days since ancient times came to an abrupt and final halt on that date.
To celebrate (is that too perverse?) this predicted apocalypse,  I and a stellar number of illuminaries  will be guests on a 25hr radio marathon broadcast on Siren FM.   Beginning at 5pm (UK time)  on Dec. 20th through to 6pm on Friday, 21st Dec., host Alex Lewczuk will oversee a truly Trans-Atlantic show in collaboration with Siren’s sister station in Los Angeles.
Guests include internationally famous actors , actresses, writers & directors and yours truly.  I’ll be doing my two-cents worth on Thursday Dec. 20th at 6pm (UK time).
It isn’t every day that the world may evaporate (my choice!), so I hope you’ll tune in live on    (or  download the entire broadcast on ) and enjoy what may be our last hurrah.
For those of you sympathetic to ancient ways, stay tuned at 7pm (UK time) when Alex interviews my husband, Arthur Weingarten.  A television producer-writer, (“Man From U.N.C.L.E”, “Adams Family”, “Murder She Wrote” etc.)  he remains computer clueless.  No doubt he’ll offer some retro support for the Mayan calendar, if for nothing more than it was made by hand !  He’s living proof that some things never change.
And on the long-shot gamble that the Mayans addition was faulty & we’re still here on the 22nd I wish all a wonderful holiday season and a healthy & peaceful New Year!